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Garwill Law Professional Corporation provides sound legal advice. Our senior lawyer has over 20 years experience with government decisions including Canada Revenue Agency, Canada Border Services Agency, Citizenship and Immigration Canada, the RCMP, Correctional Service of Canada, the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada, and the Courts Administration Service. Garwill Law provides expert legal advice on customs and excise, tariff and excise tax, international trade law, constitutional and Charter law, immigration determinations, and administrative law (such as procedural fairness, reasonable apprehension of bias, or due process in courts and tribunals).

Advisory Work on
Judicial Systems

Garwill Law provides advice to governments on the development and implementation of judicial systems, judicial independence, procedural fairness, accountable and transparent judicial administration, and responsible implementation of technology. Garwill Law advises on the legal aspects of operational rules, courts administration, finance, and logistics of courts and tribunals.

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